3D Scanning & Engineering Services

The latest non-contact 3D measurement technologies and engineering services can help you overcome challenges in manufacturing, product development, quality control, reverse engineering, and more.

3D Metrology Services & Designs

IM METROLOGY is a trusted service provider of 3D scanners and precision measurement equipment, as well as the leading inspection, reverse engineering and CAD designs.

3D Precision Measurement Solutions for Inspection & Reverse Engineering

With over 25 years of engineering and design experience, IM METROLOGY is a leading provider of 3D scanning & engineering services.


IM METROLOGY - When Precision Measurement Matters

IM METROLOGY is a trusted provider of 3D scanning and metrology services for quality control and reverse engineering. We offer a wide range of on and off-site 3D scanning, CAD modeling and engineering services.

Small precision parts to large aircraft. Certified engineers. Responsive service. Count on IM METROLOGY when precision measurement matters.

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We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress.

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Our Services

As a trusted provider of 3D scanning services, CAD modeling and related engineering services, IM METROLOGY specializes in precision measurement solutions for complex inspection and reverse engineering needs.


Our expert engineers will come to you and verify that your parts are up to your exact specifications...

Reverse Engineering

We create 3D CAD files from the most complex parts. 3D Scanning is the first step in the process...

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping is a cost effective method to analyze your part design before...

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